Best Practices for Wild Game Donations

These guidelines reduce the risk of food borne illness due to consumption of contaminated meat.  Proper refrigeration and handling are necessary to prevent decomposition of the carcass and minimize the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

Please donate deer of a quality that you would feed to your own family.

 Hunters For Good may only accept carcasses for donation that are:

  • Properly identified with the appropriate Texas Parks and Wildlife Department  game tag
  • Field dressed with the hide intact
  • Free from signs of illness, visible decomposition or contamination
  • Processors may reject deer for donation that appear to have been mishandled in any way.

Transportation and Processing

  • Drag the field dressed deer with the back or side down to minimize contamination of the meat. If possible, drag the deer on a tarp or use a deer cart.
  • Allow for adequate air circulation around the carcass; keep it out of direct sunlight and warm temperatures.
  • Transport the carcass to the cooler as soon as possible. If the carcass cannot be taken directly to the deer processor after harvest, it must be stored at a temperature of less than 41° F.