HFG currently has two main areas of focus:

Hunger relief,due to the high rate of food insecurity in Texas and utility assistance where financially struggling families and individuals are trying to keep utilities on in our unpredictable and sometimes extreme Texas climate. Imagine having to choose between taking medicine when you’re sick or keeping utilities on in the harshest part of a Texas winter or summer.

High-Protein Venison to Address Food Insecurity

“Food Insecurity” is a term that refers to families and individuals struggling to meet their food needs. For many, poverty is the driving force behind food insecurity. When people go through tough financial times, lack of money prevents the purchase of food, no matter how ample its availability.

White-tailed deer are abundant in Texas and is why Hunters For Good chose venison as our preferred method to help fight hunger. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department estimates a population of three to four million white-tails, the largest population of any state in the nation.  And, there are approximately 500,000 hunters.The potential to feed hungry Texans is enormous.

HFG has developed a venison donation program that works with individual hunters and managed game ranches to provide processing for donated venison at no cost.  This is a cost effective outlet for individual hunters and game ranches with managed deer herds that need to reduce deer populations. Once processed, the packaged venison is distributed to food banks and food pantries that HFG partners with. The entire program is paid for with donated dollars and greatly encourages the donation of high quality, lean protein in the form of venison.

Utility Assistance

Your donations also help fund the HFG utility assistance program. HFG works with churches and other organizations to identify and provide temporary utility assistance. Priority households served includes those located in Collin, Dallas and Denton Counties whose household income is within 125% of the Poverty Income Guideline set by the Federal Government and fall within one of these groups: families with children 5 years of age or younger (including the unborn), elderly (60 years of age or older) or disabled(unable to engage in substantial employment for a period of 12 months or longer).

Hunters For Good envisions a better quality of life for Texans in need. We understand that the economic environment has created a “new” level of poverty. The condition of the family has been greatly impacted resulting in a lack of resources for some to acquire important necessities such as food, clothing and shelter.

 Referral Services

Hunters For Good’s main target and goal is to significantly reduce the escalating numbers of families without the supportive services that will enable them to sustain during harsh economic periods of their life. In addition to the already mentioned programs, HFG also maintains a referral network of partners and collaborators to address needs that HFG isn’t designed to meet.

Please help us meet these needs by donating now.