The “Giving” Season

Less than 30 days left to “giving” season
Of course some just call it deer season, which starts 30 minutes before sunrise on November 1.

And it is one of the best times of the year for us hunters. And you know, it could mean a lot more to all of North Texas if you make Hunters for Good a part of your hunting season. This is the time of year we can physically help those people in North Texas who have food insecurity.

Every fall, I remember my high school coach would make everyone run a mile, or four laps on the track at school. The first lap was difficult because I knew we had three more to go after we finished the first time around. Then it started getting easier because I knew the end was coming soon. When I rounded the third lap and started on the fourth, sure I was tired but I was also proud of my accomplishment and enjoyed every step I took.

I believe the same can be said about our calendar year. The first part of the year is maybe a little bit more difficult but then as I round September, I can see the final lap and I’m proud that I’ve made it this far.

This, my favorite part of the year, is the final lap and it’s also the beginning of the “giving” season for Hunters For Good. Our main focus is to reduce hunger by providing no-cost venison processing for hunters who wish to donate game to Hunters for Good. Once processed, that high-protein venison is put to work by providing for those people who find themselves in desperate times. With past inventory of donated venison from generous hunters, HFG provided lots of meat to local homeless shelters and they know exactly how to fix it: venison spaghetti, venison chili, you name it. And that is a lot of good protein for some people that don’t get enough of that.

So this month when you start to smell the chill in the air and the kids dress up like superheroes and princesses and you begin to think about taking a trip out to your blind, maybe you want to share some of what you bag. So we can all benefit and finish the last lap a little more full.

Happy hunting and even happier giving!